Back in Haiti – Spring 2017

It is always so wonderful to return to Haiti. We were able to visit the schools, our feeding clinic, and watch some of our Haitian Board Members further their education. All is going well down in Haiti and we are already looking forward to our next trip later this summer near Labor Day. If you would like to join us, we always love to show people what amazing things are happening down in Haiti.

Our latest trip to Haiti was again very busy and fulfilling. We were lucky to have Haitians dentists work alongside us this past trip. It did slow down our speed somewhat, but the education that was learned is unmeasurable. They were able to learn new techniques, anesthetic protocol, as well as antibacterial treatment regimens. Most days Haitians were already there and waiting for us to arrive. We were able to do 2-5 procedures on each patients. We had long lines out into the hallway to be seen. It was indeed a very successful and busy trip.


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