February 2019 – Full and Productive Visit

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Two members of Believe in Haiti were able to make a very productive trip down at the end of February 2019. They started by visiting and taking supplies to a nearby hospital and checking in on our up-and-running Hope Center (it looked great!). A great accomplishment was visiting various agricultural centers as well as meeting with agronomists. All these visits help to ensure that our farmland has a strong start and that there are well-trained people to maintain the crops. We set up a team of people to farm the land and brought in an agronomist, who is already teaching the team proper methods and needs of the land. They have already planted manioc, a well-used crop in Haiti. They were also able to check in on the schools and visit a furniture organization that will be delivering some basic furniture to the Hope Center soon.

One great part about visiting is being able to form connections and network with locals. This not only builds important connections, but it builds great friendships and trust within the community. On this visit, we met with a baker who has one of the best baking crews around, and an artist who has interest in coming to teach art one day in St. Rock.

At the end of all the meetings, introductions, checking on English classes (the instructor Jeff is doing a fabulous job!), being invited and attending a child’s baptism, meeting with landowners, agricultural specialists and the Ministry of Agriculture, a car maintenance appointment, shopping for farm tools, picking up and transporting 6 months-worth of food, and visiting some friends with medical conditions, they finally found some time to have a little fun. They attended a soccer game some of our local boys were playing in, which was quite a treat to attend this great community event. They topped it off by choosing to relax just a minute by taking a dip in the ocean with some local friends!

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