Vision/Dental Trip – October 2018

A successful vision and dental trip for Believe in Haiti was completed in early October 2018. Vision trip participants were able to serve the families of St. Rock over a period of five days.  The hub of activity on the trip was the new Believe in Haiti Community Center in St. Rock, which is being renovated from an older building. Participants were able to spend time with students in the community center and visit families in their homes. Through these efforts, Believe in Haiti was able to continue providing personal service and care for the families of St. Rock.

The dental team was able to hold five days of clinic at two churches in the Port-Au-Prince area. Over 250 people were able to receive dental care; many of which were suffering with dental ailments for years. An oral surgeon was able to join the dental team in Haiti for the first time and provide much needed care. The Haitian members of the dental team are increasing their skills and becoming self-sufficient.  “We are looking forward with great anticipation to the day in which the Haitian dental team will be able to run the clinic with little or no support from the American team. It is not far away,” said Dr. Cary LaCouture, Believe in Haiti Medical and Dental Director.  

Vision trips are currently being scheduled for 2019. For more information on future vision trips and to sign up gor our next one, please visit the Vision Trips page.


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